Culinary Social Media App

  • Creative Direction
  • Branding
  • UX Design
  • UI Design

The Concept

Recipeasy is a social media platform dedicated to cooking and the culinary arts. Users are able to upload recipes, ingredient lists and cooking instructions quickly and seamlessly with only a few clicks. Users can also build groups of recipes they want to save and share with other people. An optional recipe ranking option can be enabled to gain feedback on which recipes are being cooked and are most enjoyed.

The Brand

Always lead with the product. We utilize amazing photography to support the idea that anyone, anywhere can be an incredible cook. The brand had to fun and convey an instant message that the app would make cooking easier for whoever used it. It's, for this reason, we extended the descender on the y to underline the word easy. The colour scheme also had to be bright so that it would pop and stand out when placed above brightly lit photos of amazing looking food.

User Experience

Solid user experience is the foundation of any digital platform. The goal from the very beginning was to make cooking easier and more accessible while also being socially engaging. We wanted to empower people to upload their favourite recipes, take a beautiful photo (or photos) and share it with the world. When ingredients are selected by the person uploading the recipe they are immediately cataloged from a robust list that's already in the system. It's this functionality that allows any search to be done by ingredient list (from what might be in your fridge), choice of protein, or even by cooking method. Uploading recipes needed to be a breeze too, when selecting ingredients and cooking methods the system auto-suggests responses that speeds up the user's interaction with the app.

User Interface

If the user experience is the foundation of a digital medium then the user interface is certainly the framing. A solid UI always has clear navigation, self-explanatory hierarchy and intuitive icons. Maybe it's because I've spent so much time in branding and identity design ...but I absolutely love building simplistic easy to understand icons.

We wanted the user interface to pop with colour and beautiful photography. Smartphones today have some of the best cameras out on the market. The mission was to set out to build a platform where someone can snap a gorgeous photo just as they are pulling their food out of the oven. Take the photo when it's hot, eat your meal, then upload the recipe quickly through a simple process just before desert.